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This is
Sonority Sound Systems

Classic design meets
excellent sound experience

Learn more about our high-end sound systems and their integration in your classic car.

Our sound systems
Sonority Sound Systems Porsche 911 Innenraum

We offer you:

  • Individual planning of the system according to your wishes
  • Selection of suitable components
  • Installation and wiring of the entire system
  • Audio tuning of the Sonority Sound System
  • Acceptance test together with you, in order to be able to give the system the final sound polish
Media sources

We connect with our system the classic media, such as the original radio with cassette and all new formats such as MP3 or WMA via USB or streaming (Bluetooth or WLAN). If desired, we can also install as-new radios in retro look, which then also offer DAB+ and hands-free phone usage.


Our sound systems consist of up to 8 discrete loudspeakers (8-channel). The highest value is placed on an optimum between best sound quality and inconspicuous integration. We use the highest quality speakers, as they are also used by premium manufacturers or exclusive sports cars.

DSP amplifier

The heart of the entire sound system, the programmable amplifier (DSP), delivers up to 700W of output power. The sound image can be individually tuned to 30 frequencies per channel to your vehicle and thus creates a unique sound experience.


The subwoofer can be placed under the driver's seat, as in this example. Thus, it is not visually noticeable, but acoustically it can come into its own and thus unfold its full sonority.

6 Special features of our
Sonority Sound Systems

 The installation is discreet, almost always the interior remains in complete original condition. Dismantling is possible without any problems.

Individual tuning

Discreet appearance

Audiophile pleasure

Integration of the original radio

Integration of the smartphone

Digital signal processing amplifier


Three recent examples of our work

See further references

Jaguar e-type 4.2l | Premium Paket

Jaguar e-type 4.2l
premium package

Diese automobile Ikone hat von uns ein sehr individuelles Premium Paket erhalten. Dabei wurde vorne ein hochwertiges 2-Wege System mit 165mm Tief-Mittel-Tönern und 19mm Seiden-Hochtöner verbaut.

Mehr dazu: Jaguar e-type Roadster

Porsche 964 Cabrio | DIY Advanced Paket

Porsche 64 Cabrio
DIY Advanced Paket

⚓️ Kürzlich hat der exotische Open-Air-Sportwagen eine soundtechnische Aufwertung mit einem Sonority-Do-it-Yourself-Kit erhalten. Der Einbau hat laut seines Eigners dank unserer vorgefertigten Bausätze super geklappt. Die Feinabstimmung mit Richtmikrofon haben dann die Experten von Sonority übernommen, da wir für einen anderen Auftrag sowieso in der Nähe waren.

Mehr dazu: Porsche 964 Cabrio

Porsche 928 GTS | High-End Paket

Porsche 928 GTS
High-End Package

🏁Porsche 928 GTS im Sonority Soundcheck:
Der letzte seiner Art – jetzt mit Premium Sound mit einem sehr kompakten, aber leistungsstarken Audiotec Fischer DSP-Verstärker. Er passt perfekt neben den Beifahrersitz und bringt es auf satte 400 W Musikleistung.
Auch alle zehn Serienlautsprecher wurden ausgetauscht, fast alle wiesen nach mehr als 25 Jahren defekte Membranen auf.

The idea for
Sonority Sound Systems

Read more about how a vision of immersive sound became Sonority Sound Systems.

I found my own 1981 Porsch 911 G Targe in the USA and imported it. Actually a perfect car, but with one flaw: A flashing digital radio and a conspicuous and way too big amplifier in the trunk.

This is how the idea for Sonority Sound Systems was born...

Michael Lübbeke

Founder of Sonority Sound Systems

Sonority Sound Systems Gründer Michael Lübbeke mit dem Porsche 911

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