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Sonority interview Porsche 928 GT – Florian

"Incredibly 'awesome' endurance car"

Florian, you drive this enviably beautiful and top maintained Porsche 928 GT. How did you get the car?

I'll have to backtrack a bit: I already had a small car collection with a 4-cylinder, a 6-cylinder, a 6-cylinder Boxer and a 12-cylinder. In between there was a gap for a V8 and a V10 I don't dare to get, so I was looking for a V8. And there I had the choice between a BMW M3, a M5, a Mercedes G-class V8, a Mercedes E 500 or a Porsche 928.

But it was quickly clear to me: it had to be a red Porsche with a manual transmission and black leather. I found the car almost two years ago, when Corona started, at an Austrian dealer. It was a rare 928 GT, of which hardly more than 1600 units were built.  

What fascinates you most about the car?

The 928 was originally intended as the successor to the legendary 911 (editor's note: all 911 fans will scream at this point!). From my point of view, it would have had what it takes. Of course, it didn't happen, because the 911 was already a legend back then and, as we know, is still being built today. But in terms of technology and performance, it could have been a worthy successor: The car had all the technical highlights that were available at the time: a five-speed transmission, the transaxle, a height-adjustable steering wheel and dashboard and, last but not least, the completely newly developed V8.

And how does the 928 GT drive?

When driving, you quickly notice the difference between the 911 and 928 series. The 928 is a true Gt and can do everything except narrow, winding country roads. And the "911" is a real "racing sow" and can do everything except autobahns.

The high-torque 5-liter V8 Clubsport engine in combination with the five-speed sports transmission and the equipment of the S4 makes the 928 GT an incredibly "cool" long-distance car. It is a real "hummer" and bristles with power while at the same time offering smooth power delivery. Quite different from the 911, which requires a bit of pedaling.

When I compare my 928 with the BMW M625, for example, I accelerate out of town in 3rd gear without any problems. The BMW, on the other hand, has to upshift in 2nd gear until the transmission almost disintegrates in order to keep up.

How did you come up with the idea of equipping your 928 with a great hi-fi system?

Even with my first car, a VW Golf, about ten percent of the total budget was spent on the stereo system. I installed the system myself back then, with fat Pioneer speakers directly in the parcel shelf. Really full sound back then!

Hattest Du schon immer einen Faible für guten Sound im Auto?

Schon bei meinem ersten Auto, einem VW Golf, gingen etwa zehn Prozent des Gesamtbudgets für die Stereoanlage drauf. Die Anlage habe ich damals selber eingebaut, mit fetten Pioneerboxen direkt in der Hutablage. Echt cooler Sound damals!

And how satisfied are you with the new system?

At the first impression, the system was not yet perfectly tuned for my ears. But Michael offers the possibility of individual sound tuning. When we picked up the car, we sat down in the car with my "test CDs" and adjusted the sound perfectly for my hearing sensation.

Now I'm curious: What were the "test CDs"?

I had "Best of Queen", "Best of Supertramp" and something from "Simply Red" and "Robbie Williams" with me. You can "torture" the system a bit and see what works.

So, Michael and I optimized the sound with the laptop until it fit for my ears! When I then shortly after, in heavy rain with speed 60 on the A9 back to Munich drove, I was thrilled. With Simply Red in the CD player, I almost felt like I was at a live concert.

How long have you been a Porsche fan?

That's a funny story: My father has always been a BMW fan and drove a 7 Series, something foreign to the brand was not allowed in the company. Not even an Alpina, which I would have loved to sell him as a child. But some of his younger co-workers arrived with a Porsche 911. That impressed me enormously at the time.

For my 40th birthday, I then fulfilled my dream and bought my first 911. Then, two years ago, I added the grandiose 928.

Is there another car on your wish list?

A Lancia Delta Integrale would be nice, but I can't get that approved at home (laughs).

Would you also buy an electric Porsche?

I think I'm too old for that. But we recently discussed in the family whether an electric BMW i3 should come into the house instead of the BMW 1 Series. I really like this electric car for the city. However, the idea was quickly dismissed because we don't have a power connection in the garage.

The interview was conducted by Armin Götz


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