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The Bulgarian patient

By 2. November 2022General

Porsche 3.2 G Coupe from 1987

As teased a few days ago, today there are a few details about our trip to Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria.🇧🇬There, a black Porsche 911 G from 1987 was waiting for us. The car is currently being completely rebuilt, which allowed us to install and professionally wire the high-end sound package with 8 speakers 🎶 and 2 subwoofers.

The fully active system delivers a total of 840 watts of music power, and the Porsche PCCM radio is used as the head unit in this model.

A special feature of this project: we insulated the entire interior with 2 mm Alubutyl to reduce vibrations that could diminish the sound experience as much as possible.

As a result, the sound definitely comes close to the quality of high-end systems from Bose, B&O or Bower&Wilkins, which premium brands like Audi, BMW or Mercedes offer as original equipment.

Of course, this is always based on the premise that a car that is almost 40 years old is not comparable with a new car in terms of its overall design, acoustics, insulation, etc. At that time, a hi-fi system was at best an ornamental accessory in a car. Modern cars, on the other hand, are designed from the outset so that the sound experience for the driver and passengers must also be perfect.

Once again, we were thrilled with the result, even though we have already installed many systems in a wide variety of old and young cars. Anton, our Bulgarian customer, was also convinced by the result. Finally, we adjusted the sound to his individual hearing sensation.

The sound still in the ears, we could start with the good feeling the journey home, now also in Bulgaria🇧🇬 to have an enthusiastic Sonority customer.

Interested in our systems? Then please contact ▶ and inquire directly for your personalized offer.

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