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for classic cars and amazing sound

You will hear our passion for high end sound systems and classic cars.

Sonority Sound Systems Gründer Michael Lübbeke mit dem Porsche 911

Michael Lübbeke

I found my own 1981 Porsch 911 G Targe in the USA and imported it. Actually a perfect car, but with one flaw: A flashing digital radio and a conspicuous and way too big amplifier in the trunk.

That's how the idea for Sonority Sound Systems was born: Based on the original Blaupunkt radio and with as few changes to the interior as possible, a high-quality audio technology with smartphone integration was to find its way in. Another highlight was to be a DSP amplifier with the option of individual fine-tuning.

The result: an impressive sound experience with a real goosebump feeling, thanks to my company Sonority Sound Systems now also for your classic car.

For 20 years I have lived my passion for classic cars, both in restoration, in everyday life, on rides, as well as at rallies and meets. At the same time I am passionate about high quality audio systems and so this combination has laid the foundation for Sonority Sound systems.
With 16 years of experience in automotive development I bring a very high level of experience especially in the field of electrics/electronics and I am looking forward to accompany you on your way to a high-end audio system in your classic car.

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