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In a Jaguar e-type to Instanbul (Turkey)

By 25. May 2022General

Interview with Alex (owner Jaguar e-type 6 cylinder)

Sonority: Why did you want to equip your Jaguar with a modern sound system?

Alex: I love listening to music, and in the car I always do. In the beginning, I didn't have a stereo at all in my Jaguar. Then I always helped myself with a Bose box, which I connected to my smartphone via Bluetooth.

A little later I installed an original Becker car radio, which was upgraded with a jack socket. I could then connect my smartphone to it and listen to music through the old speakers more bad than good. 

So what was next?

Smartphones have evolved and my new one no longer had a jack. So I had to go back to the Bose box. At some point, I had enough of these makeshift solutions and finally wanted a decent system in my Jaguar.

How satisfied are you with the Sonority Sound System now installed?

Great sound and no comparison at all to the poor compromise solutions I had to live with before. The sound is perfect for my ears!

What kind of music do you like to listen to most in the car?

I actually have a very broad taste in music, I'm very open. Especially often I listen to Salsa, Bachata and Reggaeton, but also Old School Black Music and RNB. 

So music and classic car driving belong together for you?

Let's put it this way: music generates emotions and makes me happy - it simply makes me feel good. If you add to that a great driving experience in a classic car, the feeling of happiness is perfect. That's where two of my favorite things come together. I like to listen to music loudly and in good sound quality - and the whole thing in a great classic car - what could be better?

Everyone is currently talking about autonomous cars - would that also be something for you?

If you're stuck in traffic or want to get home from a party, why not? But otherwise I prefer to drive myself. Ever since I was little, I've always dreamed of driving myself. 

I passed my driver's license before I turned 18, but I wasn't allowed to pick it up until my birthday. 

From that day on, I took every opportunity to drive and made kilometers without end. That has since decreased somewhat, but driving is still a lot of fun for me.

What was your first car?

A Mercedes 190 that was about 20 years old, but I also drove my parents' Opel Vectra. And I was lucky enough to be able to drive many different cars at a young age. These were friends' cars, but also new sports cars, like a Porsche 911, which wasn't my own, but a friend of mine was transporting expensive cars to Italy at the time - so I sometimes got to enjoy it.

My second own car was then already a Mercedes E-Class with V8 and very high-quality equipment.  

Is the Jaguar E-Type your only classic car?

So far it's my only one and I've had it for 14 years now.

How did you get this car? 

The car is part of the family history. The E-Type was always my great-uncle's dream car, which he cherished throughout his life. After his death, I bought the car from my great-aunt without further ado. Because I was of the opinion that such a gem should absolutely stay in the family. So I took over the car, continued to care for it and restored it.

Can you think of any other classic cars?

I would like to have a second one. A dream would be, for example, the last version of the Porsche 911 Turbo 3.6 (964) from the action movie "Bad Boys" with Will Smith.

Editor's note: The Porsche is the most powerful version of the monoturbo six-cylinder boxer with 360 hp. It is easily recognizable by its "whale tail," the enormous rear spoiler that is more than just for show. 

But a Mercedes 300 SL would also be a great car - unfortunately unaffordable. A cheaper alternative would be a Mercedes "Pagoda". Currently I have neither the time nor the space for a second classic car. But if a good opportunity arises, I would strike.

Do we sometimes see you on vintage car rides with the Jag?

I would like to do that, but I don't have the time at the moment. However, I have firmly resolved to drive the E-Type more. Because I think that even a classic car has to be used - for me, it's a normal vehicle that I want to have fun with. 

If it works out, I even want to go as far as Istanbul with a friend in the Jag this year. A photo in front of the Hagia Sophia is then mandatory. 

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