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✅For almost all Classic Cars: ✅ ▶️Repair of control units, bluetooth integration and top HiFi experience for retrofitting⏸

#SonoritySoundSystems and #dmecenter by Cartronic Motorsport Ing. GmbH are now partners ▶️Control units for classic cars are often ▶️hard to get and if they are, usually ▶️quite expensive. But there is a significantly ▶️less expensive alternative: The ▶️electronics specialist #DMECenter repairs old control units. The good news is that almost all control units can be ▶️repaired. For 75 euros (net), DME checks whether a repair is possible. The ▶️amount is charged when the order is placed. The conversion and repair of the various control units takes place at the Sprockhövel site, while Cartronic Motorsport in Gummersbach offers the full range of expertise, especially for Porsche vehicles.

What DME also does on request is to integrate a ✅bluetooth module into the original radio, which is possible for many devices. This makes ✅hands-free calling, navigation and 📲streaming of favorite music possible even in classic cars - with the ✅original radio, of course‼

All that's missing now is a ✅ high-quality hi-fi system that turns the usually poor sound from ✅old car radios into ▶️listening pleasure. This is where the ▶️various systems from #SonoritySoundSystems come in - they are available for every budget and are individually assembled and optimized for each classic ▶️. The ✅original interior remains completely intact - the new speakers are installed in the already ✅existing, original speaker receptacles or are discreetly and inconspicuously integrated.

So if you want to have a new sound system ⚙️installed in the ⚙️area of Cologne, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, you don't have to come all the way to Ingolstadt. The ⚙️components are assembled and individually ⚙️preconfigured by Sonority and then installed at ⚙️Cartronic Motorsport in Gummersbach. In the ⚙️Bavarian region, Sonority is happy to take over the installation of the ECUs repaired by DME-Center in return as ⚙️installation partner. We will then gladly combine the now ⚙️bluetooth-capable radio with a ⚙️Sound HiFi system tailored to the car.

Curious? More ✅info and all ✅contact details are available here: and and

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