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New installation partner for the Cologne, Bonn, Leverkusen, Düsseldorf, Dortmund, Bochum area

Right:Axel Kunz, managing director Alpha Motors GmbH; middleMichael Lübbeke, Sonority Sound Systems; LeftPhilipp Beckers – shop foreman Alpha Motors GmbH

Since September 2022 we have a cooperation with Alphamotors GmbH in Bergisch Gladbach , a quite experienced Porsche professional in the area of Cologne, Bonn, Koblenz, Dortmund, Leverkusen, Bochum and Düsseldorf. . . . . .

We can now offer you all our products and services conveniently on site in the above-mentioned catchment area. In a short interview Axel Kunz - Alpha Motors - tells us some background information.

Questions for Axel Kunz, Managing Director Alpha Motors (Porsche):

"The theme of entertainment is playing an increasingly important role"

Sonority: Axel, you started your own Porsche workshop in the middle of the year. Why did you give up the security of permanent employment / what drives you?
Axel: After a good 30 years of Porsche experience, 20 of them at the Porsche Center as a service consultant, I have developed a passion for the Porsche brand that I share with many Porsche drivers. That's why it was my wish to set up my own business specializing in Porsche in order to be able to offer even more individualized service. It is precisely being able to offer customer-oriented, honest support that is fascinated by the brand that drives me.

Sonority: What is your specialty, do you focus on specific models or years?
Axel: Especially the models 911 G to 991 are particularly good for me/us, because I accompany these series virtually from new until today. But my team can also service and repair the current 992.

Why the true Porsche sound doesn't just come from the rear?

Sonority: We always get comments from Porsche drivers about our projects like: I don't need a hi-fi system, my sound comes out of the rear. As a Porsche expert for decades, how do you see it? Is a great engine sound enough in the long run, or do you also need a good HiFi system in an older Porsche?
Axel: For us, the topic of improvements in the HiFi area has been important for a long time, because especially in the older model years, the music sound was totally neglected. In fact, it used to be said that the real sound only came from the back. But especially in recent years it has become clear that the topic of entertainment is playing an increasingly important role, especially with regard to the integration of telephone and streaming.
Enjoyment while driving has become increasingly important. And what could be more enjoyable than driving a pass with your favorite music playing in great sound quality, or jetting off in a 911 toward the sunset with good background music?

Sonority: Was that also the reason for the cooperation with Sonority Sound Systems, that the interest in good hi-fi sound is clearly increasing even in older Porsche models?
Axel: When I heard about Sonority, I was immediately convinced that this is a great idea that should be pursued perfectly together. There is a lot of interest in it.

Sonority: How important is music to you personally when driving? Do you have certain songs that accompany you most often on the road?

Axel: It's not just about driving fast. Even if a Porsche naturally tempts you to drive fast, a smooth ride to escape the daily grind or a stressful day is just the right thing. The sound can therefore come from the speakers. Since I think there is no fixed song or
A fixed genre what I personally like to listen to, but I adapt the songs or the music direction to the mood and the street.

Sonority: What makes a good sound for you?
Axel: The most important thing is to feel comfortable. The volume must then vary. If the song is good, the street and the path relaxed, then it just doesn't fit when you have a squawking sound around you. Then you'd rather turn off the radio? With a good sound system you can really enjoy the music, I think!

Sonority: Do you listen to music at work and are there certain songs that motivate you?
Axel: During work I just like good lounge or chill music. It motivates me and lets me work in a good flow!

Sonority: You have experienced many Porsche drivers. In your opinion, is there a special type or certain professional groups that particularly enjoy driving Porsches?
Axel: There are many different groups among Porsche drivers. Often they are sporty people who are committed to life and successful in their jobs and do what they do well! Therefore, the Porsche fits them particularly well, because this car reflects exactly that: Performance and dynamism! Among them are many doctors, CEOs or even lawyers.

About VIPs and always new challenges

Sonority: What was your most beautiful / elaborate project in your long career?
Axel: There have been many exciting projects since 1992. I particularly remember the time when I was active in motorsport with my former Porsche Center in the Porsche Supercup.

Sonority: After so many years, doesn't it get boring just to work on Porsche models all the time?
Axel: It simply never gets boring! Rather the opposite - there are always new challenges that I enjoy and that also make me proud when they are successfully completed.

Sonority: What are the special features of the Porsche 993 shown in the photo, which we have just given our Sonority sound system here?
Axel: The 993 is a perfect blend of youngtimer and modern vehicle. A lot is possible here, as the door pockets are already larger than in earlier models and can thus offer more sound volume. Nevertheless, the interior is very compact and offers good acoustics, as it is relatively well insulated.

Sonority: Have you ever had to deal with VIPs as customers?
Axel: I have and have had dealings with many celebrities ñ starting with well-known musicians, but also TV entertainers and music producers for well-known artists.

Sonority: What was your most annoying customer?
Axel: Annoying customers are actually extremely rare. However, many are very demanding and goal-oriented when it comes to their wishes. But if you make an effort to meet these demands, there is also a lot of praise from the clientele.
I have a great many customers whom I have been serving from the very beginning, i.e. for several decades, and who place their complete trust in my work.

The interview was conducted by Armin Götz

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